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12:00 AM - 11:59 AM

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What is this site?

Great question! ETHSBell is a website made to help students save seconds throughout their days within school. Think- if you saved 6.5 seconds every period throughout highschool, and spent that time working at McDonald's, you pay for a standard Netflix account for over a year!

Jokes aside, ETHSBell helps ETHS students with a more clear bell schedule. When you pull up the website, you can automatically see what time the next bell rings (taking into account current time and the schedule for the day). As you scroll down, you will see a simple and easy-to-read bell schedule for the day. If it's a half day, Monday, or anything else, the schedule will automatically change.

I understand it's not a huge problem, but it's annoying to open the bell schedule website, figure out what kind of day it is, and then figure out the period. On a cell phone, ETHSBell takes 2.2 seconds to determine a time, where the typical website can take up to 8.7 seconds- that's one quarter the amount of time. Pro tip: leave the tab open on your computer, because the page refreshes itself automatically. Also, add it to your home screen on your phone (for ├╝ber time-saving).

Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension is the easiest way to check the bell schedule from the Chrome Browser. Installation is super simple and will save you a ton more time!

The extension is available pubically via the Chrome Web Store (search "ETHSBell") or click here to go right there.

If you like ETHSBell, share it with your friends! Thanks!